Why Choose Us?

We produce a 70% greater response to pain relief than traditional physical therapy!

As pioneers and critical thinkers in addressing the cause of pain, North Jersey Physical Therapy Associates has been successfully treating patients since 1989. We are a hands-on practice, committed to patients’ independence. We continually improve and combine our techniques.

In fact, in the past years, we have introduced dry needling, often referred to as Intramuscular Technique (IMT), an incredibly effective technique used in the treatment of myofascial trigger points (a taut band of skeletal muscle). The use of dry needling has proven to facilitate an accelerated return to normal activity. Dry needling is not acupuncture.

What makes us unique is that we identify soft-tissue dysfunction and treat it using dry needling to target the tissue that cannot be reached by manual therapy. We use needles as an extension of our hands and work with your physician to optimize your results, creating the dream team.

We carefully observe your posture, your movement, your area of pain or weakness and listen intently to every clue or history you share with us. Next, we treat you with a wide range of strategies including manual therapy, myofascial release, dry needling, neuromuscular reeducation, laser and custom supportive exercises. This leads to rapid and enduring recovery.

Over 60% of our patients have been to many other healthcare practitioners without receiving relief, but we have succeeded! The majority of our patients suffer from complicated and multiple conditions and many times patients are referred to us from pain specialists.

We give the patients the tools to self-care for sustained pain relief – working smarter not harder.

We look forward to helping you and welcome all new patients!

President and Director of North Jersey Physical Therapy Associates

MISSION STATEMENT: Our commitment is to our patient’s well being and to improve their quality of life by living pain-free. We believe that every patient has a fundamental right to be in control of their health through the understanding of how pain, movement, habit, injury and muscle memory affect our daily lives. Our practice is about HOPE and HEALING.