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As a general family dentist who has specialized in TMD therapy, it has been a Godsend to find physical therapists Carol Cote and John Vicchio at North Jersey PT. Since my presentation on June 5th at North Jersey PT, we have collaborated on multiple cases and our combined therapies have accelerated the patients' roads to health. The synthesis of my training at the Pankey Institute and John and Carol’s specialty in CCTT (Certified Cervical & Temporomandibular Therapy) is making a world of a difference. Carol and John excel due to their focus on new learning and their willingness to share their knowledge. I look forward to continuing to work together in the future!

Kevin F. Muench, DMD, MAGD
Muench Family Dental
Maplewood, NJ


As a specialist in fibromyalgia and difficult cases of muscle pain, Carol Cote and her colleagues’ work has been extremely effective!

The physical therapists at North Jersey Physical Therapy Associates have done wonders to many of my most complex and difficult-to-treat patients with fibromyalgia and muscle pain.

Richard Podell, MD
Clinical Professor
Rutgers – Robert Wood Johnson Medical School


As my practice is devoted to the management of Jaw/Facial Pain ("TMJ"), I have found coordinating treatment with the therapists at North Jersey Physical Therapy invaluable.

They understand the connection between the jaw and body mechanics. Coupling this understanding with advanced manual techniques and tailored home exercise programs has helped hundreds of my patients resume a pain-free life.

Michael Messing, DDS, MPH
TMJ Solutions


Carol Cote has been a trusted colleague for over 15 years. During that time, she and her group have provided the highest standard of care for my patients with outstanding results. North Jersey Physical Therapy Associates are professional, caring and always on the cutting edge of physical therapy techniques. I recommend my patients routinely and am always confident that they will be treated with the utmost respect, professionalism and compassion, and will return to my office with positive treatment outcomes. Simply stated, Carol Cote and her group provide phenomenal care with amazing results.
Cheryl Moccio, DMD