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My Eureka Moment !

In February 2020, North Jersey Physical Therapy, finally identified not only the source of the ‘popping‘ and the source of the pain I’ve experienced in my right hip for 25+ years, but also the root cause. My hip issues not only included hip joint dysfunction, hip and groin muscles, pelvic obliquity, and pelvic instability, but also my pelvic floor muscles and deep hip rotator muscles that had never been identified as components to my chronic hip problem.

For years, prior PT identified knee stretching and strengthening on individual areas of my hips, pelvis, gluts and lower extremity. This was helpful, but never identified or addressed a core set of hip stabilizer issues or the root cause of my condition. This always limited the effectiveness of the exercises/repairs in other related areas and over time, contributed to the original issues too. By identifying that set of undiagnosed conditions, the root cause, North Jersey Physical Therapy has been able to lead me on a path to true resolution of my condition and regaining my quality of life.

Amy – Lebanon, NJ


I am a 58 year old male recreational long distance trail runner. My program in 2018 was essentially 4 runs per week, of which the ‘long run’ was the half marathon distance, swapped out once a month approximately for the marathon distance. In October 2018 I ran R2R2R. During the winter of 2018/2019 I had consistent issues with the left hip resulting in medical care starting in April 2019. An MRI done in June 2019 confirmed inflammation of several tendons in the left hip, edema of the pubic symphysis, labral tear and a stress fracture in the pelvic area. After about 4 months of zero running, weekly sports massage, chiropractic care, and 3 more follow up MRI’s that confirmed the consistent stress fracture, I was referred by my sports doctor to Carol Cote at NJPTA in mid-December of 2019.

It was obvious from the beginning that Carol’s ‘hands on’ approach was very different from what I had experienced so far. While so far with my medical team the focus had been essentially on the ‘stress fracture’ part of the MRI, Carol essentially approached it based on her palpitation and exam as a myofascial/ pelvic floor problem with a working hypothesis that the myofascial issues prevented the healing of the stress fracture. After about 3 months at NJPTA I was super happy with a ‘clean’ MRI showing no more stress fracture, and on 3/27/2020 for the first time in 11 months was able to run without pain! The myofascial issues are largely under control and I can start picking up running again. One obvious conclusion for me is that I had benefitted visiting Carol much earlier in the process!

While NJPTA in Morristown was not a ‘convenient’ location for me, I am very happy to have gone the ‘extra mile’ just like Carol and her team go the ‘extra mile’ for their patients. Highly recommended.

Ludwig – Summit, NJ


After having a lasting hip injury that would be on and off for over a year, my high school running coaches recommended that I go to NJPTA. What I got was some of the best treatment, efficient one on one help, and great exercises to help me recover and grow stronger. After 5 sessions, I left with a clear list of exercises that I could do on my own, a better knowledge of my body, and most importantly, confidence that I could now help myself. The exercises and help were a huge part in helping me and my team win the New Balance Outdoor National track title in the 4 x 800 relay, and I would recommend that anyone who wants to be the best that they can, go to NJPTA.

Ryan – Basking Ridge


I have been going to North Jersey Physical Therapy for a little over a month and have noticed a decrease in symptoms and pain I’ve been having. I started physical therapy to treat knots, pain and tension in my neck, back and shoulders, feelings of being twisted and off centered, a twisted rib cage, and asthma difficulties. This has been going on for a few years, seemed to be getting worse and I started to wonder if maybe there was something seriously wrong with me.

After my first visit I learned I had been chest breathing instead of using my diaphragm and needed to practice breathing correctly using the Buteyko breathing technique. By using the wrong muscles to breath I had been overworking other muscles which threw me off. After a few weeks of actively practicing this technique, I started to notice my lungs and diaphragm felt stronger and I felt more in control of my breath.

Simultaneously the physical therapists at NJPTA have been manipulating the tense knotted areas in my neck and back and provided exercises to stretch and strengthen different areas of my back which has provided great relief from pain and stiffness and opened blood flow to areas that had felt blocked for years. While there is still work to do, I am feeling so much better, am almost pain free and have more control of myself after starting with NJPTA.

Danica – Raritan, NJ


Patient email to her rheumatologist:

“I thought I'd let you know how everything is going at North Jersey Physical Therapy. I'll start by saying thank you for the referral!

As you know, I've had a lot of PT over my lifetime so when Carol Cote started her assessment (May 17, 2019) assessing my breathing/head/neck/throat and tongue movements I was concerned. This is not usually addressed by PT especially with regard to my pain/diagnoses. Oral musculature is usually my area of expertise as a Speech Language Pathologist, but I continued as she explained her rationale throughout the process.

First off, I didn't think I was a clavicular mouth breather and my tongue placement at rest was wrong. She proceeded to explain the tongue/airway/breathing/posture connection and correlation with pain, which I thought I understood.

In addition, my tongue is now restricted which affects lingual/throat/airway/head connection. Carol had me put my tongue up and back towards uvula, open and relax my jaw, throat and put my neck down while I was in a supine position and she proceeded to push on several muscle inside my mouth (ouch.) She says you have to address the Basic Root Cause of Pain.

I left the first day understanding what Carol was saying, but still not a total believer in this "out of the box" approach.

I did my homework for a few days and I have to be totally honest about 30% of my head/facial pain was gone after my first session. I thought at first it had to be an anomaly.

This past Wednesday was my second session with Carol. I've seen the other competent PTs in her office in-between. Carol is a great listener and I told her there was an increase in pain on left side of my neck and shoulder with restricted movements. She proceeded to assess then use a Gaston Tool (never heard or saw this device before) on my neck, throat and face to loosen up soft tissue fascia pain the whole time explaining rationale (love this) why the tool instead of her hands. Pain still decreased as of today.
I have both soft tissue and neuromuscular problems... Of course I do!!!

As much as I don't want to say this because it will make getting an appointment harder with Carol she is an asset team member for your patients. I have noticed a decrease with facial pain.

Sorry so verbose, but I couldn't shorten it anymore and truly explain what separates her approach vs. other PTs”

Stacey – Basking Ridge, NJ


North Jersey Physical Therapy is an outstanding facility! Just a few of the many positive features: Comprehensive, clear evaluation of the complete, sometimes complex problem needing treatment. Hands-on, extremely knowledgeable therapists who not only treat, but educate patients. Clean, comfortable, well-equipped treatment rooms. Caring, compassionate, efficient support staff. We feel blessed to have found these wonderful people!

Nancy, Mountainside, NJ


I laid on my sofa for 1.5 years due to extreme chronic pain when sitting and standing. I had been to about five different specialists, traditional physical therapists, nine months of acupuncture, cat scans, MRI and many other tests but no one could diagnose or help me. Finally, it was recommended that I go to North Jersey Physical Therapy Associates because they handle complex cases. I drove 1.25 hours each way to get to North Jersey and within two visits, the PTs helped locate my trigger points and the source of my pain, and I was told that adhesions from my prior abdominal surgeries were my problem.

An extensive evaluation and myofascial release have led to pain relief and the ability to function in life. North Jersey Physical Therapy Associates gave me back my life! I am so grateful for them.

Barbara, Princeton, NJ


I ended up at North Jersey Physical Therapy Associates after having physical therapy elsewhere for 8 months. I had extremely severe cramps in my leg, below the knee that had been operated on. The cramps and pain would not go away and the orthopedic surgeon and all his medical colleagues were baffled.

I saw medical specialist after medical specialist. No medical professional could figure out what was wrong, no matter how many tests and screenings they performed. I could not walk and was dragging my leg, using a cane, or using crutches to get around.

The North Jersey Physical Therapy Associates team gave me an incredible evaluation and worked wonders on my leg. They also gave me some supportive exercises.

The lower leg cramps and pain went away, never to return again. I am once again able to walk. Thank heavens I found them!



Unable to lift my arm for two months, I went to a top NY orthopedic doctor and was diagnosed with adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder). I had traditional physical therapy three times and was told it could take up to two years to regain full mobility.

My sister had gone to North Jersey Physical Therapy Associates and suggested that I give it a try, even though I lived in Manhattan. She said it would be worth the trip.

NJPTA gave me an intensive assessment and identified that my problem originated in my hips. After my first visit, I was able to lift my arm!

After five additional treatments and a mild exercise program, I regained full mobility. I was so impressed with the care, that I drove three hours in a snow storm to keep my second appointment.

The following year, I was diagnosed by a pain management doctor as having the beginning of arthritis in my knee. I returned to NJPTA. My hip was manipulated once and the knee pain was gone. I returned several more times to learn how to strengthen my core to avoid further issues caused by my poor hip alignment.

NJPTA not only gave me a better evaluation than two Manhattan doctors but also treated me so that my ailments were remedied very quickly. This place is amazing.

Donna, New York, NY


North Jersey Physical Therapy is unique in its approach to pain relief and physical rehabilitation. As someone with an undefined myofascial pain syndrome, I have not had long-term success with traditional PT approaches. Generally a therapist will isolate one part of the body that has been injured or is under distress. For someone with more widespread pain this can exacerbate other areas and you end up in an endless spiral. Everything is connected and the therapists in this practice seem to understand and are willing to work across areas of the body to create better overall function.

They can help release trigger points that are keeping you stuck in a dysfunctional movement pattern. They can also help re-educate the muscles to bring you back to more intelligent movement. The combination of myofascial release and methodical training to create more functional movement can bring about lasting change. That said, you as the patient must do your “homework”. No therapist can give you a magic bullet that changes pain and function overnight. Without full participation in the healing process, patterns will likely revert to dysfunction despite the good feeling you have when you walk out of the office.

The other difference I have experienced is the benefit of working with multiple therapists within the practice. Other PT offices with whom I worked generally have a patient work with one therapist over the time of their rehabilitation. Here I have worked with 4 different therapists. While this may seem counter-intuitive, I personally feel it’s a benefit since each therapist has slightly different approaches, experience, knowledge, and ways of looking at issues. Instead of doing things by rote, based on what was done on the last visit, you can have a fresh look at your problems or really address changes that may be happening over time.

Jessica, Morristown, NJ


For over 35 years I have suffered with a TMJ problem which worsened year over year.  I have had numerous appliances developed by my dentist--all which have did nothing. It wasn't until I started seeing Carol that I started finding relief and began to be able to open my jaw.  Her approach is like none other I have experienced and am so grateful for all her hard work in helping me.  This practice is a Godsend. 

Barbara, Chester, NJ


For the past three years a problem in my neck affecting my swallowing, voice, sleep apnea and causing discomfort went undiagnosed. Doctors including an ENT (ear, nose and throat), Neurologist, and Physiatrist were not able to identZify or treat the problem.

I am so fortunate to be in treatment with Carol Cote, PT who identified the problem and has effective treatments. After the first treatment I began to see an improvement in something that I have been suffering with for 3 years.

Daniel, Morristown, NJ