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You feel better with what we do and stay better with what you do!

Leading Edge Expertise in Physical Therapy Evaluation
We at North Jersey Physical Therapy Associates (NJPTA) pride ourselves on the discerning and thorough methods we use to evaluate your complicated chronic and acute pain and mobility limitations. However, pain cannot be only assessed structurally. Therefore, while we utilize measurable tests such as x-rays, CAT Scans, MRIs and lab work, it is critical to thoroughly evaluate your medical history, posture, habits, work and lifestyle stress, co-existing conditions and diseases as well as body structure and function to identify the cause of your condition and not just the symptoms.

NJPTA excels in evaluating and addressing soft-tissue pain found in the muscle, fascia, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and nerves, which is often an under-diagnosed co-existing component, and significant contributing factor to pain and limitation.

Many of our patients have tried drugs, conventional physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic medicine and/or surgery without resolution, but have found sustained relief with our treatment protocols. We are committed to helping our patients stay pain free and independent.

One-on-One, Hands-on Treatment by a Physical Therapist Only
Have you ever gone to a physical therapist (PT) and been seen by the PT for a mere 5-10 minutes and then treated for the remainder of the visit by an exercise technician? At NJPTA, our physical therapists spend the entire visit with you. We offer hands-on, customized treatment for each patient. Additionally, we educate you, develop a specific home program for you, and offer self-care tools to help you maintain sustained pain relief and/or mobility. You feel better with what we do, but you stay better with what you do.

Physical Therapy Specialties
Our physical therapists are specialists in various areas such as TMJ, headaches, orofacial pain and fibromyalgia, neck, back and foot pain, as well as orthopedic/sports/running related injuries.
Please meet our experienced and well-trained group of physical therapists.

We look forward to helping you and welcome all new patients!

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MISSION STATEMENT: Our commitment is to our patient’s well being and to improve their quality of life by living pain-free. We believe that every patient has a fundamental right to be in control of their health through the understanding of how pain, movement, habit, injury and muscle memory affect our daily lives. Our practice is about HOPE and HEALING.